Tales of
the Neobiological Revolution

Writers, artists, experimenters of all kinds: we’re a platform for your great ideas!

proto.life is a new online magazine covering the grand biological experiment we’re conducting on ourselves.

Our mission is to track the ideas and technologies that enable us to analyze, enhance, and edit ourselves. As the co-founder of Wired magazine, I saw up close how digital technologies changed our world. With proto.life, we explore how science and technology alter the world within us — our own brains, genomes, and microbiomes. How will our newfound abilities transform our species and our society?

Now that’s the story of our times.

Help us tell this story! We’re looking for clarity, elegance, humor, and— importantly — a point of view. Your voice is authoritative, authentic, interdisciplinary, and optimistic — but skeptical when warranted. We are looking at developments in science, technology, and culture and asking, “What can we Homo sapiens become?”

If you’re that kind of writer, pitch me at [email protected] or editor Brian Bergstein ([email protected]) and one of us will get back to you.

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